We are everyone, we are no one.  We are everywhere, we are nowhere. We are: The Cape Breton Fudge Co.

As if by some miracle, fate, or perhaps simply by accident, we have been doing business in downtown Sydney, Cape Breton (Nova Scotia if we must get technical) for about Seven years now at our 331 Charlotte St. location.

We started by just making fudge - a real butter and cream based fudge, in well over 24 different, but classic flavours.  Then we started experimenting (yes, this can be dangerous, but fun too) and have trotted out some real doozies, including 'Tiger Blood' (a jalapeno-based fudge that was a smash with the warlocks), 'Mount Mocha' (a coffee infused fudge using our own house blend), and what has become one of our signatures - 'Breton Whisky' - using a local distillery's own Glen Breton Rare Whisky.

But clearly, this wasn't enough for us. We had visions of bringing our fudge goodness to the masses around the world.  How do you send soft fudge blocks safely around the world - especially when email hasn't yet advanced to this stage?  Why, you build an indestructible mini-crate using what resources seem most abundant in the local environs (wood), and then you have the perfect carrier!  So, when we're not making fudge, we're making crates. It's a life...I guess...

But wait! Oh, no, we couldn't leave well enough alone. Just as we thought we'd figured out how we would toil the years away, we said 'something's missing'.  Sure, people love fudge, but they like other stuff too (we don't have the empirical evidence yet to support this theory, but we think there could be something to it).  So we started making and bringing in other good things to our little shop.  And lo and behold, we had a whole 'Tastes of Cape Breton' section in the shop featuring locally produced savoury food goods (maple syrups, jams, spreads, teas, oatcakes etc.).  

What's next? Who knows?  We look forward to delivering on what's been built and to the next evolution. And hopefully we will continue to Fudge It Up...


331 Charlotte St. 
B1P 1E1
T. 902.539.9930