Welcome to 2017 and a brand new year of fundraising for your team or group. We have an excellent program designed to make your fundraising efforts a success.

Fundraising with fudge is just such an awesome idea!!!!

Once you sign up for a fundraiser, each member of your group or team would take a fudge order form and sell directly to your friends, neighbours, family, etc. The fudge for fundraising is sold as approximately 1/2 lb blocks for $8 (there are a couple of flavours that sell for $10). 

The group/team would retain 40% of the gross sales (typically $3.20 per box of fudge), while we take 60%.

A lot of people ask about whether our fudge is gluten-free, and the answer is there is no gluten in the ingredients, HOWEVER, we do make certain flavours that would incorporate items that contain gluten (the cookies in cookies and creme as an example), thus we have to say 'may contain trace amounts of gluten' as it is all prepared in our kitchen.  Similarly, some of the fudges contain nuts (walnuts, pecans) and we do make a peanut butter fudge, so we are definitely not a nut-free facility.

At the end of your fundraising term, someone in your group/team would tabulate the total amount of orders and submit them to the Cape Breton Fudge Co., along with payment.  Depending on the volume of the order, it takes us approximately 5-10 business days to make, cut and package your fudge.  If you can't pick-up, we then ship your total order via bus line to the terminal nearest your destination

If this all sounds good, you can complete a Group Information Form here (or email us the details)

And you can grab order forms right (here)

To have a look at the most popular fudge flavours for fundraising, you can see them all right here: Fudge Flavours (Pictures)

Oh, and I forgot to mention, we added 'Rita's Tea Room Oatcakes' to our fundraising program as they are also now incredibly popular, so they are on the order form too!

Let us know if you have any other questions ( and good luck!