Fundraising with fudge is just such an awesome idea!  Fudge sells it self... you are just its vessel. We offer an exciting program here at The Cape Breton Fudge Co.; you make 40 percent of the sales!


Each fundraising fudge piece is approximately 1/2 pound and is packaged in clear totes. We also have Rita's Oat Cakes which come in bags of 24 cookies each. Many people ask if our fudge is gluten free. It is, however, we make items containing gluten in the same area. We try our best but there is always a chance for contamination. 

We have an excellent program designed to make you reach your fundraising goals. When you register, you will receive an email loaded with details to make sure you and your organization are ready to take orders and answer questions customers may have. We also will work with you to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that you get the best experience working with us here at The Cape Breton Fudge Co.

Our program is broken up into 3 seasons:
Season 1 January to April
Season 2 May to August
Season 3 September to December
Each season has different flavours
** You can start Season 2 Fundraising now!**